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Understanding The Benefits Of Toenail Fungus Treatment in Roseburg, OR

Fungal toenails can be a source of self-consciousness, embarrassment, and even pain for many. Caused by the same group of fungi that also produce athlete’s foot, fungal toenails can appear to be thick, yellowish, ragged, and brittle.

Fortunately, there’s an exciting new treatment option for this unsightly condition, and Dr. Jason Wilks is proud to be the first podiatrist in Oregon offering it to his patients.

Why Fungal Nails Are So Hard To Treat

Unlike athlete’s foot, which tends to go down relatively quickly with over-the-counter creams, fungal toenails are much more resilient. The toenail not only produces a virtually limitless supply of “food” (keratin) for the fungi to consume, but it also provides natural protection. Creams and sprays simply can’t get through the nail to attack the fungus. Furthermore, oral antifungal pills have a high failure rate and can induce unpleasant side effects, and while many podiatrists have switched to laser treatments in recent years, they are prohibitively expensive for many patients.

Without treatment, fungal nails will not improve, and traditional treatments are often ineffective. As a result, many people live with fungal nails for years or even decades.

The New Solution: Controlled Micro Penetration

Fortunately, new technology is changing the game, and finally allowing patients to see results after years of living with embarrassing fungal nails. The Clearanail system, used by Dr. Wilks and his team, uses a process called controlled micro penetration (CMP) to access the fungal infection underneath the nail, providing direct access to the underlying infection so that it can be eliminated.

The device is safe and simple. A small tool produces tiny holes in the nail, spaced about 2-3 mm apart. The holes themselves are less than half a millimeter thick—about the same width as four human hairs. Because the tool uses a computer-controlled automated failsafe, there is virtually no pain or injury to any soft tissues; only the nail itself will be penetrated with no bleeding or damage to the nail bed or skin.

Your Appointment

The CMP process requires only one appointment, which takes about 30 minutes. Once the holes are in place, you will need to apply a topical antifungal (usually a spray) to your toenails once or twice daily for a period of up to three months. We’ll provide you with the instructions of what you need to do, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two of your time per day.

Because of the matrix of perforations in the nail plate, the antifungal spray can get under the nail and attack the fungus directly. Patients usually see an obvious visible improvement in their nail within the first two months, and sometimes even after just two weeks! Once the underlying fungus is eradicated, it will still take time for the damaged portion of the nail to grow out—nails grow slowly, after all—but healthier, clearer nail tissue should return in its place.

Advantages of CMP Treatment

The Clearanail system and controlled micro penetration treatment is an exciting new tool that can provide long awaited relief, and it provides significant benefits for patients in relation to other common treatment procedures.

  • It’s much safer than traditional treatment methods, particularly oral medications, which can have damaging side effects.
  • It’s far more effective than traditional methods, with faster results, higher success rates, and higher patient satisfaction.
  • It saves time, requiring only a single in-office appointment and just a few minutes per day of home care.
  • It’s affordable for patients, coming in at a fraction of the out-of-pocket costs for other advanced fungal nail treatments such as laser.

Fungal toenails are stubborn, so you need the best technology and team on your side to clear the nail and rid yourself of this nasty, unsightly infection. The Wilks Foot Health Center is the first podiatry clinic to bring this technology to Oregon, and it may make a profound difference in your life—even if you’ve suffered from fungal nails for many years.

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