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Podiatrist and Better Sports Performance

Podiatrists specialize in treating conditions affecting the feet and ankles. Seeing a foot doctor periodically can be beneficial to anyone, especially athletes. Not only do podiatrists help you maintain healthier Read More

Treatment Options for Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Dealing with heel pain can be irritating and you might find that you’re unable to participate in some of your favorite activities. Heel pain can be caused by numerous issues, Read More

Benefits of Having a Podiatrist

When it comes to your feet, it’s important that you’re doing what you can to keep them healthy and strong, since they’re so important to your daily life. There are Read More

The Importance of Proper Footcare for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is one of the most serious health conditions because it has such harmful effects on your entire body. Diabetes is especially damaging to your extremities, including your feet. If Read More

The Common Causes of Foot Pain and How To Find Relief

When you experience foot pain, you might be tempted to ignore it. That’s a bad idea. Foot pain can grow worse over time, leading to loss of mobility and a Read More

3 Things to Pay Attention to for Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is dangerous for the feet because it reduces blood flow, robbing them of oxygen and nutrients. This condition makes blisters, sores, and cuts more difficult to heal. Second, diabetic Read More

Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis?

Foot pain is a common occurrence, feet are always working, whether we are running, walking or just standing. Since we rely on our feet so much, when they are in Read More

Caring for Your Feet When You’re a Diabetic

If you have diabetes, you may already know about the effects on your body, especially your extremities. What you may not know is that diabetes is especially hard on your Read More

Why You Should See a Podiatrist for an Ingrown Toenail

While minor aches and pains in your feet probably won’t have you rushing to the podiatrist’s office for care, certain seemingly innocuous foot problems might require a professional’s touch. Take Read More

The Benefits Of Visiting A Podiatrist

Dr. Jason Wilks of Wilks Advanced Foot Care provides comprehensive foot and ankle care for patients in Roseburg, OR. Your feet are under a lot of stress every day. Your Read More

Thyroid Disease and Its Effect on Your Feet

The thyroid gland releases and regulates hormones and is responsible for everything from heart rate to peripheral nervous system functions. So, you may be surprised to discover that this same Read More

The Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Discover the steps to treating your heel pain. While we all know the benefits of running and physical activity, if you’re someone who doesn’t stretch before their runs, who runs perhaps Read More

What To Do About Blisters

Everything from wearing shoes that are a little too loose to increasing the number of miles you run can leave you dealing with painful blisters on your feet. Blisters can Read More

How To Care For Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetic foot care is a specialty of the doctors at the Wilks Advanced Foot Care in Roseburg, OR. The goal is to keep your feet healthy and free from infections Read More

Tight Shoes Can Lead to Ingrown Toenails

You probably already know that shoes play an important role in protecting feet and keeping them safe. But were you aware that ill-fitting footwear can cause a host of issues Read More

Oregon Sports Traditions [With Foot Care Tips]

College football bowl season is right around the corner, which has us thinking about some of the best Oregon sports traditions! Whether you’re a die-hard Ducks fan, never miss a Trail Blazers game, Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 20 posts


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