Why Your Feet Itch

When people think about podiatrists and what we do, they tend to think about diagnosing and treating sources of pain and dysfunction in the feet and ankles. Sure, we certainly treat conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and fractures, but we also provide care for problems with your toenails and the skin on your feet as well.

Pain is obviously an indication of an existing problem. Well, so too is itching. If you have feet that itch, Wilks Advanced Foot Care can determine what is wrong and then provide the relief you need. When you come in and see us for your appointment, you may find that the reason your feet itch is one of the following:

  • Athlete’s foot – It’s natural to cringe at the thought of having a fungal infection. After all, no one wants to know a fungus is growing on them. The truth of the matter, though, is there are fungal spores all around. These microscopic organisms cultivate in warm, damp areas—which can describe feet encased in socks and shoes—and cause issues like athlete’s foot. This common fungal infection causes feet to itch and redden. The good news is that it’s usually treated effectively with over-the-counter antifungal products (when used correctly). For more stubborn cases, come see us and we can provide stronger medication options.
  • Contact dermatitis – Essentially, this particular condition is a matter of skin allergies in the feet. The root cause will depend on the specific case, but allergens can include poison ivy, spray insecticides, solvents, and the dyes and perfumes used in personal care products. In some cases, materials used in socks and shoes can lead to an allergic reaction.
  • Eczema – This is term used for a group of medical conditions wherein the skin becomes irritated or inflamed on a regular basis. The exact cause of eczema is currently unknown, but many experts believe it to be linked to an overactive response by the body’s immune system. There is usually a rash that also develops in conjunction with eczema, and this can happen either before or after the itching has started. Some people have symptoms on and off throughout their lives, but the disease can be managed with proper treatment.
  • Psoriasis – Like eczema, psoriasis is a medical condition not necessarily caused by external factors like allergens or microscopic organisms. Instead, this is a matter of the body producing excess skin cells that build up in rapid fashion on the surface. As the cells build up, they form silvery scales and itchy, dry patches of skin.

You can certainly try to identify the problem on your own, but you should keep in mind that some of the symptoms—including the itching sensation—can be similar between the various conditions. A better move is to simply contact our Roseburg, Oregon podiatrist office and have us perform a professional diagnosis for you.

Of course, we’re not going to just tell you what’s wrong and say “good luck” – we will create a treatment plan for you! Depending on your case, this may need to be handled in conjunction with a dermatologist.

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