Are there at-home treatments for my cracked heels?

Dry, cracked heels can be both uncomfortable and unsightly, but several popular home remedies may be helpful for relieving discomfort.

Soaking your feet in diluted lemon juice or a warm water soak with some baby oil, then using a soft brush to gently scrub away dead skin, is one such option. Homemade moisturizers are another. These can be as simple as basic Vaseline, or mixtures with various oils. For example, you can combine olive oil with lemon or lavender oils and shake it to make a milky cream. Whether you use Vaseline or a natural mixture, apply the moisturizer to your feet, then put on clean socks to help your skin “lock in” and absorb the moisturizing effects. This is often best done before bed, so your feet have all night to absorb the oils.

If these at-home remedies for your dry skin are not enough, let us know. Our team with Wilks Advanced Foot Care will help you find a treatment that heals the cracks and soothes your skin. Make an appointment with our office in Roseburg, OR, by calling (541) 673-0742.

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